Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Glimpses of Badami Dynasty Mahakuta Temple Complex

Mahakuta is a group of temples which lies within the ancient Mahakuta. These are fine piece of architecture made with Dravida style Architecture, admiring the great Chalukya dynasty of Badami. All the constructions were made in 6th and 7th centuries, and all of them were build with Dravida and Nagarra style. Both of these styles are unique and irrelevant to each other, which make them unique of its own kind. These temples are build by early sovereign of Chalukya empire. During this construction the architectures combines the basic plan of one style with characteristics of other style.

A natural spring is flowing through mountains also flows though this temple complex. This natural mountain spring brings fresh water into the Vishnu Pushkarni water tank. This water tank is well known as the Papavinasha Tirth means the ablution tank. Many shrines takes a holy deep in this tank for Papamukti. In all temples here Mahakutesvara temple and Mallikarjun temple largest amongst all of them. There is also one small construction which is present at the centre of Pushkarni tank, there is a Shiva Ling in it, well known as a Panchamukhi Shiva ling (Shiva ling with five faces). Each face of this Shiva ling facing to all directions. This temple has a ancient script written on a pillar of Mahakuta temple. This was written in 7th century by the queen of Pulakesi I, Durlabhadevi. The pillar which has inscription written on it is well known as a Dharma Jaystambha, means pillar which makes the statement of victory of religion. This Stambha is now has been placed in exhibition at Bijapur Archaeological Museum.

Best Time to Visit Badami

You can visit this place at any time of year but in winter temperature becomes low. Winter occurs in January and lasts till March. This is the best time when you can enjoy the pleasant whether condition, which suits you well.

During summer the mercury level reaches 45 degrees, and humidity is at its highest level. That's why it is better to avoid such extreme whether conditions. The summer season lies between the month of march and last till June.

In this part of the country monsoon brings the rainy season in July and keep bringing showers till the month of September. Sometime brings flood situations which might be dangerous sometime.
Varah at Mahakuta

How to Reach

By Road

This place is well connected by road you can easily get public transport to Badami which is further connected by rail and by road also.

By Air

If you choose the by air option, you can get direct flights from Hubali which is at minimum distance from this place. 

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