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About James D Corner

James D Corner (Professional Archaeologist)
I am James D Corner an archaeology researcher. I've completed my studies from the California University in 2008. Immediately after that I've join a private company. In this busy schedule also I've never forget my archaeological interest. I start studying about Indian history and read lot's of books published on archaeological work in India. After 2 years I've decided to switch my career as an archaeologist, till that time I've gained of theoretical knowledge about archaeology studies in India and I thought that was the perfect time to switch. As an archaeologist my career begins in late 2010, when I start working on Indian History and archaeology. Now my main job was archaeological work and for my daily spendings I've joined another private company. After a year I realise now its time for on-site work.

I came to India in July 2012. Currently I am on a small tour of India to explore its historical sites and archaeological sites. I've read lots of book on India, it's history, its culture, traditions and it's archaeological sites. Now its time to implement my knowledge that I've gained from books to my research work.

My Blogs

I have recently launch my blog on blogger.com here is the link of my blog http://visitdindia.blogspot.com. Through this blog I want to explore some unknown historical sites those are not known by the peoples. Through this blog I will tell you all the details of these sites like its historical importance, highlights, major travelling spots, etc.


You can Contact me through my mail ID : jamesdcorner11@gmail.com

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