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Konark Sun Temple Chariot of Lord Surya

Main Building of Konark Surya Mandir
India has many sun temples amongst them Konark Sun Temple is one of the best sun Temple of India. And this sun temple is included in the seven wonders of India, which was surveyed by NDTV. The Surya god is referred to as Sun. Anthem in Vedas describes the celestial body as the source and admirer of all lives on earth. The origin of the worship of the Surya is several centuries old. This temple is architecture in Orrisan style of Ganga dynasty. This temple is one of the most popular temple in India and also included in world heritage site list by UNESCO. According to the Stories about this temple, mention that this temple was build by Samba, son of Lord Krishna.

Wheel of Konark Surya Mandir
The work Konark taken from the Sanskrit, actually it is combination of two Sanskrit word Kona and Arka. Kona means angle and Arka means Sun. This beautiful temple is located at fair distance from the Lord Jagannath, Puri at 35 kms; the temple is approximately 65 kms from the Bhubaneswar city. European sailors named this temple as 'The Black Pagoda'.

Side View of the Mandir
The entire building was designed in the form of large Chariot of Lord Surya, haggard by sever horses, and the Chariot twelve pairs of amazingly decorated wheels. Shadows of these wheels can give you the precise time of the day. The roof of this temple is pyramidal shape, and has 30 meter height.
Horse of Chariot

This place also feature two more temple as Mayadevi Temple and Vaishnava Temple

Mayadevi Temple :- This temple is located at the west of the main temple, also known as temple no 2. This Mayadevi Temple have been dedicated to one of the wives of Lord Surya. But presence of images of sun as Parsvadevata indicates it was dedicated to Surya Devata.

Vaishnava Temple:- This is small temple facing southwest corner of the main temple was discovered in 1956. This temple is also called as temple no 3. Features images of Balarama and two parsvadevatas of Varaha, Trivikrama were provide its Vaishnava affiliation.

Time to visit Temple

Open from sunrise and closes at sunset.

Entrance Fee:

Tourist from Indian subcontinent should have to pay Rs. 10/- per head.

And other tourist have to pay Rs. 250/- per head.

Map of Konark Surya Mandir

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