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Mahudi Jain Mandir an Unknown Historical Jain Temple in India

Ghantakarna Mahaveer Mandir
Mahudi is beautiful village located in Mansa near Sabarmati river of Gandhinagar in Gujrat. This village is just 35 k.m. Away from the Gandhinagar. This village is famous for its Jain Mandir which is dedicated to god Shri Ghantakarna Mahaveer, and center for Jain devotees. Yognistha Acharya Bhagwant Shrimad BuddhiSagarsuri Maharaj Sahebji' does penance for a long period of his life and had laid the foundation stone of this new temple in 1917. The ancient Mulnayak Bhagawana Padmaprabhu was formally reinstalled by the Yognistha Acharya Bhagwant Shrimad BuddhiSagarsuri Maharaj Saheb' and Mahudi reclaims its title Mahudi Tirth.In ancient time this villages is known by the name of Madhupuri. Many historians suggest that this place is nearly 2000 years old, the inscription in Bramhi also suggest its antiquity.
Main Entrance Mahudi

Side View of Mandir
Padma Prabhu

Mahudi witnesses lakhs of devotees each year. The force behind this is the faith of devotees in Lord Shri Ghantakarna Mahavir Dev. Shrimad Buddhisagarji Maharaj Saheb felt the need of a powerful jain deity where people could pray. An idol was made from the river side rock and Shrimad BuddhiSagar Maharaj Sahebji made this idol lively by putting “Praan” into it. Since then this is the prime Destination of Jain devotees because they believes that this idol has miraculous power in it. You can find the similar idol placed at Vijapur Jain Temple which is just few k.m. Away from this place.

Sukhadi which is Distributed in Pilgrims

The “Prasaad” called “Sukhadi” which is made up with pure Ghee, jaggery and wheat. And it is mandatory to eat this “Sukhadi” inside the “Mandir” and it is prohibited taking it outside the temple premises, as it is consider as inauspicious.

Map of Mahudi

Map of Mahudi

Nearby Places


Vijapur 10 km from Mahudi. Vijapur is a municipality city in Mehsana district. Its the Birthplace of Shrimad Buddhisagarsuriswarji Maharaj Saheb. This is also prime destination of Jain Devotees.

Aglod Manibhadra Vir Temple

It is just 20 km away from Mahudi. Situated nearby from Mahudi, In Aglod, you can see Main temple Mulnayak is Shri Vasupujya Swami and Manibhadra Vir (deity) Temple, which surrounded by natural habitat and an amazing greenery.

Kotyark Temple

This temple is just 1 km away from Mahudi. A nearby temple of lord Krishna known as Kotyark Temple.

Madhumati River

This place is also just 1/2 km from Mahudi. In Mahudi Village itself one of the tributary of Sabarmati river naming Madhumati famous for its beautiful landscape and scenery.


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