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Halebidu, Beautifully Carved Hoysaleswara Temple in Karnataka

Halebidu is a small town located in Hasan district of Karnataka. This place was the capital city of Hoysala Empire during 12th and 13th centuries. This temple complex contain most beautiful carved temples in India. The word Halebidu, which is the name of this town, has special meaning as “ruined city” because this place was attacked in early 14th century by Mughuls from North India and Malik Kafur. Many beautiful temples are situated in this village; these beautiful temples are build as per Hoysala architecture. Halebidu was previously known as “Dwarasamudra”, and it was also known as the capital city of Hoysala Empire. The temples in this town were built during 11th century and was constructed by Katamala for King Vishnuvardhan and Queen Shantala Devi. These temples took more than hundred years to complete.
Dancers and Musicians Depicted on the walls of Temple

The famous Laxmi Narayan Sculptor

Shantala Devi was considered to be an ultimate sign of beauty. Many historians believe that she was a musician  and a great Bharatnatyam dancer. Many sculptors were inspired by Shantala Devi and other courtesans. Historians suggest that Shantala Devi had a great influence over the Hoysala administration and religious reforms during Visnuvardhans Empire. The King was influenced by Saint Ramanuja Charya, who was the devotee of Vaishnaism, and the queen herself was influenced by Jainism.
India features many temples like Halebidu, those are not much popular amongst people. These destinations has great importance in Indian history.

Hoysaleswara Temple

This is one of the temples located in this village. This temple is constructed with monolithic soapstone. This temple is located on the Southern side and is dedicated to “Hoysaleshwara”. Walls of this temple depict endless Hindu mythology (scenes of Ramayana and Mahabharata), animals, Shilabalikas and birds.
 Scenes of Mahabharata Depicted on the Walls

Shantaleswara Temple

This temple is located on the northern side and stands on black shining soft stone, covered with dancing girls, god, goddesses and animals. This temple was built after the death Shantala Devi. It took 200 years to build and was built by more than 20k skilled laborers.
Animals and Birds

Other Details

Map of Halebidu, Karnataka

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  • Town Area: 2.248 sq kms


  • Summer: 20-35°C.
  • Hottest Month: April
  • Winter: 14-22°C.
  • Coolest Month: December
Ideal Time to Visit
  • October to February

How to Reach

By Road

  • From Belur 6 km,
  • From Hassan 32 km
  • From Mysore 149 km,
  • From Bangalore 226 Kms (4.5 hours drive)

Getting Here:
  • Nearest Railway: Hassan
  • Nearest Airport: Bangalore International Airport, Bangalore

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